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More than 2.5 million people enroll in ‘Obamacare’ in its temporary reopening

More than 2.5 million Americans have signed up to have access to low-cost health insurance, within a temporary reopening of ‘Obamacare’ with which the current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, wants to alleviate the possible socio-sanitary deficiencies derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Five days after the deadline expires (August 15), the North American Presidency has confirmed the milestone of 2.5 million registrations, which would be added to the more than 30 million already contemplated under the Affordable Care Act, one of the main legislative milestones of the Barack Obama Administration and reviled under the Donald Trump era.

Biden’s ‘rescue plan’ contemplates premiums for nine million Americans who could save an average of $ 40 per person per month if they obtain their insurance through ‘Obamacare’, which would be equivalent to almost $ 2,000 a year for a family of 4 members.

The vice president, Kamala Harris, plans to launch a final statement on Tuesday to call the registrations in these final days, with a view to ending up reaching especially certain minorities, such as Hispanics, who would have been especially affected by the social effects and economic conditions of the pandemic.

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