The prosecutor in charge of the Moise murder case issues five new arrest warrants


The prosecutor of Port-au-Prince, Bed-Ford Claude, who is in charge of the case of the assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, has issued five new arrest warrants for a businessman, two political leaders and two pastors, considering them “suspicious “.

Among those pointed out now by the prosecutor are the member of the party ‘Tét Kale’, to which Moise belonged, Liné Balthazar, as well as the leader of the Inifos party, Paul Denis, in addition to the businessman Samir Handal and the Protestant pastors Gérard Bataille and Gérard Forges , reports the Haitian media ‘Alter Presse’.

Bataille and Forges have been an active part of protests against the president by being part of the so-called Protestant Commission against the Dictatorship of Haiti, according to the Haitian media.

The search and arrest warrants have been carried out by accusing them of “attempted murder, armed robbery and murder” to the detriment of the president. Recently, a search warrant was also recently issued against Judge Wendel Coq Thélot.

Some human rights voices and activists have risen against these decisions, considering that they are “political” and “illegal” persecution.

Moise was shot on July 7 by a group of Colombian mercenaries hired by a Miami security company run by a Venezuelan.

More than 40 people have been arrested, including a score of former Colombian military personnel and five citizens with Haitian and US nationality, as well as several policemen.


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