Ingenuity beats its own marks on a 10th Mars flight

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter successfully made its 10th flight on July 24, the most complex to date, with 10 different landmarks and a flight height of 12 meters.

The operation took place over an area called ‘Raised Ridges’ in the Jezero crater on Mars. This is an area that scientists on the Perseverance rover – on whose lows it brought Ingenuity to the Red Planet – find intriguing and are considering visiting at some point in the future.

During the flight, Ingenuity took several images of the ground, as it reached the preset reference points. It landed at a new location 95 meters west of its previous airfield after a 165-second drive, NASA reports.

The world’s first motor-controlled aircraft, Ingenuity has survived 107 Suns (Martian days) since Perseverance’s deployment, 76 Suns beyond the original technology demonstration mission for which it was designed.


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