Macri says that Fernández will be “the last populist” to lead Argentina in the face of an “autocratic” Latin America

He assures that Argentina will enter “a new stage” with the November elections.

He affirms that Spain also “needs to recover a course that it has not clearly established in recent years”

The former president of Argentina Mauricio Macri attacked the government of Alberto Fernández this Thursday, which he considers to be the “last populist” in charge of the country, and has warned that Latin America is “besieged by autocratic visions” where the liberties to someone with power “to” figure things out. “

In a speech on the occasion of the closing of the summer courses of the European People’s Party in Madrid, the former president indicated that he believes that this “will be the last populist government in Argentine history” due to the “collapse and the exposition of the ineptitude “of the Executive.

“The focus on ineptitude has been lost, but there has been a systematic destruction of resources based on an ephemeral present that mortgages the future,” he has said, although he has declared himself “optimistic in the long term.” “I am pessimistic in the short term because Argentina is suffering a lot and we will continue to suffer for a while longer, but optimistic in the long term because it is a maturation, a deep learning.”

Thus, he has emphasized that during his government it was also learned and has clarified that “mistakes are not going to be made by going down failed paths again.” During the event, in which the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, also participated, he also lamented that Latin America is “besieged” by “autocratic visions in which the citizen is asked for more and more power.”

Regarding his own government, which followed that of Cristina Fernández and took place between 2015 and 2019, he has asserted that it was a “prologue of change” and has ventured that the country will again take a definitive step “forward. “.

In this sense, he stressed that “Spain also needs to recover a course that it has not clearly established in recent years” and has warned that populism “rejects the culture of work, self-improvement, competition and modernization”, something that “proclaims equality downwards” and guarantees that “the State will solve everything.”

“Falling into democratic immobility is very bad. As in life you need balance”, he has clarified before emphasizing that “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

With his sights set on the elections next November, Macri has defended that Argentina “will enter a new stage”, given that “perhaps one of the first countries where populism began will be the first to get rid of it.”

In relation to the management of the coronavirus pandemic by the Fernández government, the former president has accused the Executive of “using the pandemic to go backwards.” “No pandemic justifies overwhelming the freedoms of the people, violating the Constitution of the country, which is the mother law,” he pointed out.

“The State in an emergency has to know how to react, but always trusting the citizen and not running over him. And what we have seen is an eternal quarantine, locking people up beyond any reasonable forecast of mental health, because the lockdown is already a very serious damage in itself, “he condemned.

For him, it is a “chapter on the destruction of people’s working lives”, although he has acknowledged that “we have lived in a world that has acted hastily, disorderly, where authoritarianism has taken advantage of to seize freedom “.

Macri has thus complained that the Argentine government governs by decree and “does not make Congress endorse the measures taken.” In turn, he has denounced that hundreds of Argentines are currently unable to return to the country due to the measures imposed to stop the advance of the virus, which has left more than 4.9 million cases in Argentina and nearly 97,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Nor has there been transparency in the purchase of vaccines. They have relied mainly on Sputnik and not on the Americans. (…) Back to authoritarianism. How can you refuse in an emergency, with all these laboratories working to against the clock? It is common sense. (…) It is criminal to choose only one (vaccine) because it is the one that coincides with you ideologically when people’s lives are at stake, “he said.

On the other hand, he has insisted that Argentina has a government that has reached the “maximum plenitude of this destructive model, which is to say that you can charge Argentines whatever taxes you want to spend on whatever you want. happen “.

“They believe that raising taxes will work forever but today in a globalized world, more than ever, not only does capital migrate, people migrate.

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