At FITUR Dominican Republic it is positioned as a star destination in the region

Madrid, Spain.- At the close of the International Tourism Fair held in Madrid, the Dominican Republic is positioned as the favorite destination in the region. The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, indicated that the results of the day were very satisfactory, both because of the opportunities generated, and because of the recognition by the entire international commercial chain of the leadership of the management during the pandemic.

FITUR will be in 2021 the most important international tourism fair, being the space where governments, investors and key players in the sector come together to identify valuable opportunities for different world tourist destinations.

In its delivery # 41 and in the middle of the pandemic, the fair achieved the participation of some 55 countries and more than 500 companies. The Dominican Government had an outstanding participation, both for having one of the stands with the best design, and the one with the greatest confluence of the regional pavilion.

In addition, during the activity and with the support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), represented by its Secretary General Zurab Pololikashvili, Minister Collado signed with the main executives of IFEMA the agreement by which the Dominican Republic will be the country in 2022 host of the Fair, which represents a commitment and recognition of the country in front of the sector.

The Dominican Republic receives more than 1,300,000 European tourists annually, which represents 20% of the total number of tourists visiting the country. That continent at the beginning of the decade represented almost 40% of tourists. During the fair, the ministry held meetings, interviews, agreements, which seek to reposition the country as a leading destination in Europe, recovering its market share.
During the fair, Minister Collado and his vice-ministers held meetings with more than 10 tour operators and Spanish airlines with representation throughout Europe, all leading companies. These companies include Avoris, Soltur, Nautalia, Wamos, El Corte Inglés, Edreams Odigeo, Iberia and Logitravel, Lifestyle, World2meet and Smytravel.

With each of them, the country’s positioning, challenges and opportunities, and market appetite were analyzed, and opportunities to increase flights, routes, frequencies, penetration of new markets, and adjustments to the country’s marketing strategies were identified. All these companies praised the management of the Dominican Republic destination during the pandemic and requested to strengthen ties with the country.

Minister Collado confirmed that the Responsible Recovery Plan led by the president of the Dominican Republic and the Tourism Cabinet has been an absolute success.

To date, the country has recovered 60% of the tourist flow in 2019, with hotel occupancies between 45% – 60%, which have allowed the opening of almost 80% of the existing rooms, and with flight occupancies of 70%. In the case of European lines, this occupancy is higher than 80%.

Reservations portend a promising future for the summer. “Our strategy has focused on the public – private alliance, constant information, public leadership and above all, a focus on health security and people,” said Minister Collado.


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