Twitter prepares a button to send ‘tips’ to content creators

Twitter is making progress in the work to integrate monetization options, which take the form of buttons that, from the user profile, allow either to subscribe to exclusive content or to send money to content creators.

Twitter announced at the end of February some of its plans to monetize the social network, such as the so-called ‘Super Follows’, a type of paid subscription that for $ 4.99 per month allows users to access exclusive ‘tweets’.

The feature will be able to be activated with a new dedicated button, as reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has shared on her Twitter profile. According to her she explains, at the moment she has seen that it can take the form of a small circular button or a larger and elongated button, with a black background.

In the images that she has shared, another button has attracted attention, in this case with an icon of money bills inside. It is, as the developer explains, the ‘tips’ button, with which users can send money to other users, through different platforms.

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