Harvest time

By Mario Vega, www.elim.org.sv

El Salvador is a country where earthquakes and hurricanes tend to frequently occur. When any of those emergencies happen, people crowd the churches.

Human beings usually wait for affliction to seek God. When people are surrounded with difficulties, they has no choice but to turn to the Lord. The current global pandemic situation is undoubtedly a health tragedy that has shaken the entire world. The coronavirus has exposed the fragility of human health and life. Faced with helplessness, once again, people turn to God for answers.

But this time people cannot go to church buildings due to the same preventive sanitary restrictions. But this should not make us lose sight of the fact that we are in a time of harvest. Since people cannot crowd the buildings, it is time to invite them to the cells, whether it is face-to-face or virtual meetings. In a time of confusion and fear, the gospel of Jesus once again offers hope, peace, and salvation. It is a global moment to share the good news of salvation and cells are once again vital in God’s design of an evangelizing church.

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