A man arrested with a rifle and ammunition in his vehicle in front of the official residence of Kamala Harris

The United States Police have arrested a man who had a rifle and ammunition in his vehicle in front of the official residence of the Vice President, Kamala Harris.

A spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Police has reported that the agents responded to a warning by a suspicious man at around 00.10 hours (local time) at the address of Harris’s home, the United States Naval Observatory, official residence of the American vice presidents.

The Police have detailed that an alert had been issued in Texas by the man, identified as Paul Murray, 31 years old and originally from the city of San Antonio, located in that state.

According to the police report, to which CNN television has had access, Murray was in possession of “a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, 113 rounds of unregistered ammunition and five 30-round magazines.” The man has been indicted on various charges, including carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of unregistered ammunition.


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