The United States Congress recognizes Johnny Ventura

Legendary artist Johnny Ventura has been recognized by the United States Congress for being an icon of Dominican music, internationally renowned for his talent and dedication to the betterment of his community by exporting his music to the United States, Europe and Africa.

This initiative at the request of Congressman Adriano Espaillat, Representative of the Thirteenth Congressional District of New York, will be through “Dominicans On The Hills”, an event dedicated to highlighting the values ​​and contributions of the Dominican diaspora in the United States and which is named “The COVID-19 pandemic, restoring our community”, where topics related to virtual education and children, health, and how to work to rebuild the economy will be discussed.

The “Caballo Mayor” is distinguished by his astronomical success, and by the impact he has had on the Dominican community on a large scale, as well as other prominent Dominicans in different areas.

The delivery of the parchment of the prestigious virtual celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24, starting at 7:00 PM on Facebook, and will be held in the United States Capitol where hundreds of business leaders, artists, community leaders and officials of Dominican origin from all over the country.

The tribute to Ventura is also based on the fact that he always preserved his appreciation for Dominican cultural traditions, especially music, drawing on these traditions to create a musical and political career that impacts the lives of countless compatriots, especially the residents of Santo Domingo. .

As well as, who single-handedly developed and modernized the sound of contemporary merengue, inspiring a new generation of Dominican musical talents to flourish in his place in light of his contributions to Dominican culture.

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