McConnell considers Trump “responsible” for the assault on the Capitol despite voting for his acquittal

The Republican leader in the United States Upper House, Mitch McConnell, has described Donald Trump as “practical and moral responsible” for the attack on the Capitol, despite having voted in favor of his acquittal in the impeachment trial that has been resolved. this Saturday.

In a speech in the Senate after the result of the impeachment was known, McConnell said in statements collected by Bloomberg that the people involved in the assault “had been fed falsehood by the most powerful man on Earth” and that the behavior of the former president is because “he was angry at having lost an election.”

For McConell, Trump’s speech added to “a catastrophic atmosphere” led to the events that occurred in the Capitol on January 6, actions that the tycoon cannot “show surprise” after weeks speaking “of dark forces. and conspiracy theories “about the outcome of the elections.

“The outgoing president seemed determined to annul the voters’ decision or set our institutions on fire,” McConnell remarked, adding that even Trump “has not gotten rid of anything” because an ‘impeachment’ is not the “end. Justice “and considers that the former president” is responsible for everything he did while he was in office. “

Democrats had asked McConnell to reconvene the Senate to initiate impeachment while Trump was in office, but the Republican leader refused, arguing that there was not enough time before President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January.

After this speech by the Republican leader, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has declared to journalists at the exit of the Senate that McConell’s speech seemed aimed at “Republican donors” and has considered it “insincere” .

In addition, on her Twitter account, Pelosi has said that she considers McConell’s action “pathetic” when she prevented the ‘impeachment’ during Trump’s last days in office so that she could vote in favor of acquittal in the impeachment.

The seven Republicans who have voted in favor of the verdict of the impeachment of former President Donald Trump are Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), Susan Collins (Maine), Richard Burr (Virginia), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sasse (Nebraska) and Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania).

A few minutes after knowing the result of the ‘impeachment’, the son of former President Donald Trump, has encouraged a “political trial” of the “RINO section (Republican In Name Only –Republicans Only by Name–)”, a Pejorative way of referring to elected Republicans considering that they govern and legislate in favor of the Democratic Party.

On his side, Trump has said in a statement after the acquittal that they will soon emerge “with a vision of a bright, radiant and limitless American future.”

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