Minneapolis residents can decide what the George Floyd memorial will look like in a poll

The Minneapolis City Government will send out a survey for community members to decide what the monument to George Floyd should look like, the African-American man killed by police whose death sparked a wave of racial protests during the second quarter of 2020 in the United States. United.

Floyd died asphyxiated by the knee of a police officer and his death was a wave of public indignation that, despite the pandemic, took to the streets under the slogan ‘black lives matter’.

The place where he died, the junction between 38th Avenue and Chicago Avenue, will serve as a memorial to Floyd whose shape will be decided by the citizens.

However, the mayor of the city, Jacob Frey, has asked for collaboration to restore normality in this area where there are “barricades that protect street art and people”, but which now, in Frey’s opinion, “are being used as a screen for illicit activities and have “retraumatized the neighborhood,” according to CNN.

The municipal plan seeks to reopen the area to traffic and protect the street art installations or install a statue in the middle of the intersection once the trial of the alleged murderer that will begin next month is finished.

Frey has assured that he wants people to gather in the area during the trial, but that later “it cannot be an autonomous area.”

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