The political crisis in Haiti heightens tension on the border with the Dominican Republic

The political crisis unleashed in Haiti by the opposition pressure for the resignation of the president, Jovenel Moise, has also raised tension on the border with the Dominican Republic, where the military presence has been reinforced in recent days in anticipation that an exodus may occur. massive of Haitians.

The Dominican Ministry of Defense has reported on Twitter the deployment of planes on the border “in view of the prevailing situation in the neighboring country”, where “in recent days there have been incidents, protests and disturbances.” At the border, there are also troops from the Specialized Border Security Corps (CESFRONTRD) and other security agencies.

The tension, however, would have begun to drop this Wednesday in the Haitian towns near Dominican territory, such as Dajabón, according to ‘Listín Diario’. Military sources have assured this newspaper that few people have managed to cross the border, which remains sealed.

Defense Minister Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa toured the area on Monday with military equipment and personnel, in an attempt to make clear the reinforcement of surveillance in an area that has traditionally been strained by the constant flow of migration.

The opposition has intensified the mobilizations in Haiti because it understands that Moise’s mandate expired on February 7, something that the president denies – he claims that his five-year period lasts until 2022. The security forces have dispersed in recent days in several areas, mainly Port-au-Prince.

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