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This father goes viral for mimicking the behavior of his 12-year-old preteen son

Adolescence is a stage of intense human development, both for the protagonist and for those around him. This father from Cohutta, Georgia (United States) has decided to take with humor the changes that his son is experiencing in this new stage of his life and the result has gone viral on TikTok.

Brandon Floyd, 35, has recently gone viral for videos of him posing as his son Carson, 12.

For the plot, the father is inspired by the behavior of his son, from his overflowing energy to doing things after his mother has warned him several times.

Brandon’s wife, Ashley, 33, is the one who is in charge of recording the videos and also participates in them putting her “mother’s voice” to bring a bit of realism to the scenes.

The success of videos on social networks is undoubted, since only on TikTok it accumulates millions of “likes”, although they are also among family and friends.

“Based on the opinions of family and friends, the performance is 100% accurate,” Brandon told Caters.

Regarding Carson’s opinion, his father says that sometimes Carson is offended because he says that this is not how he really behaves and other times he is encouraged to also appear in his videos to the delight of the fans of the.

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