The US Treasury revokes an order from the Trump Administration that blocked Venezuelan ports

The United States Department of the Treasury has revoked an order issued by the Administration of former President Donald Trump and has authorized a series of operations at the international level to facilitate the operation of Venezuelan ports and airports.

The measure, announced by the Office for the Control of Foreign Assets in a statement, also includes the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA), which involves the issuance of a license in the framework of the sanctions imposed by Washington against the Government by Nicolás Maduro.

“All transactions and operations that involve the Venezuelan regime are authorized, prohibited by Executive Order 13,884 of August 5, 2019, which are ordinarily incidents and necessary for the operations or use of ports and airports in Venezuela,” he says. the text.

Thus, the authorities have issued the 30A license, which will allow operations involving the INEA or any entity that may have “ordinary” port and airport operations, something that was previously prohibited.

The new license does not authorize, however, any transaction or activity related to the export of diluents, key for Venezuela to process its heavy crude, as well as any transaction with persons or entities subject to sanctions imposed by the US Government.

This is the first measure taken by the Biden Administration, which took office on January 20, with respect to Venezuela.

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