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The 27 condemn the coup in Burma and will consider “all options” to guarantee democracy

The European Union on Tuesday expressed its condemnation of the military coup in Burma and has warned that it will consider “all the options” at its disposal to guarantee democracy in the Southeast Asian country.

In a statement agreed by the 27 member states, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has indicated that he condemns “in the strongest terms” the coup d’état that took place this Monday in Burma, “an unacceptable attempt to give a return to the desire of the Burmese people expressed in the November elections. “

After the United States warned that it could restore economic sanctions against Burma, measures that it eased during the democratic transition in recent years, the European bloc joins this line and ensures that it reserves “all options” to pressure the military junta. .

“The EU hopes that the security of the citizens of Burma and of the member states is guaranteed at all times and will consider all the options in its power to ensure that democracy prevails,” the statement from the European bloc said.

In any case, the Twenty-seven declaration regrets that the democratic process launched in the country with the general elections in November, “an important milestone in the democratic transition, has been broken.”

The military commanders denounced irregularities in the process and asked not to start the legislature, taking power on the eve of the parliamentary inauguration. Given this, the EU has reiterated that any complaint about the process must be channeled through legal and administrative channels. “Turning the people’s election around by force is illegal and goes against the principles of democracy and leads the country backwards,” he criticized.

The High Representative has reiterated the request to the Burmese Army to release “immediately and unconditionally” all the leaders arrested during the military coup, including the Burmese president and the ‘de facto’ leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Borrell has demanded that the elected Executive be restored and the democratic process resume, with the new legislature scheduled for this week, to elect a new president, vice president and government. He also insists that communications be reestablished, human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law be respected, and ensures that the EU is ready to dialogue with all relevant actors to restore constitutional order to Burma.

The Burmese Army has assumed power in the country on Monday and declared a state of emergency for a year after arresting top leaders, including Suu Kyi.

In the televised statement, the hitherto Vice President Myint Swe transferred all power to the Army Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing for the duration of the state of emergency. The coup has come after the recent tensions as a result of the general elections in November, in which both the opposition and the Army have denounced possible irregularities, although without presenting evidence.

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