Czech Republic finds “exceptionally” high death toll throughout 2020

The Czech authorities have warned this Tuesday that the country has verified an “exceptionally” high number of deaths throughout 2020 as the Czech Republic faced the first wave of infections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year 129,000 people died in the country, practically 17,000 more than the previous year, as indicated by the national statistics agency. “This significant change from one year to another is exceptional in our history since 1950”, has qualified the president of the agency, Marek Rojicek.

However, the statistics do not indicate the cause of death. The Ministry of Health, for its part, has indicated that since the health crisis arising from the pandemic broke out, 11,872 deaths have been registered due to COVID-19. Experts, on the other hand, estimate that this number could be much higher.

The figures collected have had a negative impact on life expectancy in the country, which has 10.7 million inhabitants. Thus, in the case of women the rate has decreased 0.7 years, while for men this decrease is one year.

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