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Twitter temporarily closes the account of a Republican congresswoman for encouraging electoral fraud theories

The social network Twitter has decided this Sunday to temporarily suspend the account of the Republican representative for the state of Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, for “multiple violations” of the platform’s “civic integrity” policy for her messages encouraging theories unfounded electoral fraud.

Among the messages that Twitter considers to have violated the policy of use of the social network are a series of attacks that Greene dedicated to one of the high electoral officials of the state of Georgia, Gabriel Sterling, whom he described as “stupid” and being responsible the “fraud” of the presidential elections and the recent defeat of the Republicans in that state during the second electoral round.

“It was all of you who sat arrogantly on your behinds, refusing to listen to the people who pay, and did not change anything in this fraudulent election that turned the two red Senate seats blue,” she wrote.

Greene, who on Twitter called those who stormed the Capitol as “bad actors trying to hijack the” Make America Great Again “movement and make it look horrible,” has asked the United States Congress to ” act quickly “to” protect freedom of expression, “after being banned from Twitter for 12 hours.

“Conservative Americans should not be afraid to speak their minds. They should not be afraid of being canceled by US corporations. Socialists who want to end their way of life should not scare and subdue them,” he said in a statement. , of which the CNN has been made.

Years before winning her seat in the House of Representatives, Green promoted the conspiracy theories of the far-right movement QAnon, which places the President of the United States, Donald Trump, as the last bastion against a clique of pedophiles associated with the Democratic Party.

Although Green’s account has been canceled for twelve hours, last week, some 70,000 profiles were permanently banned as Twitter considered that they were giving fuel and spreading conspiracy theories and “harmful” material related to the extreme theses. QAnon’s right.

At the beginning of the month, the aforementioned social network also permanently suspended Trump’s official account, who had made this tool his main communication platform.

Twitter justified its closure by claiming that the president of the United States was encouraging with some of his messages those who went to the Capitol. A measure that was followed by Facebook and Instagram, who also canceled Trump’s profiles on these platforms.

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