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Ethan Hawke to be the villain of the Marvel series Moon Knight

The Disney + Moon Knight series has already found its villain. Ethan Hawke will play the antagonist from Marvel fiction, which will star Oscar Isaac.

According to THR, the actor has closed a deal to play the fictional villain. This role will mark the first time that Hawke appears in a comic book adaptation in addition to making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For his part, Isaac will play Marc Spector.

In the Moon Knight comics, Spector is a mercenary who is betrayed, beaten, and left for dead by his boss, Raoul Bushman. Before dying, Spector has the opportunity to have a new life thanks to the spirit of the Egyptian moon god Khonsu.

Risen with superpowers, Marc assumes the identity of Moon Knight and takes to the streets as a vigilante against crime. The character is also known to have multiple alter egos as a symptom of a dissociative identity disorder.

It is not yet clear who Hawke will play in the series, but everything indicates that he will step into the shoes of Bushman. No details of the plot are known but the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has advanced that the production will explore Spector’s mental illness.

Hawke is known for titles such as Training Day, the Before Dawn trilogy or Boyhood. In addition, he has also excelled in the horror genre thanks to Sinister and The Purge. His latest work is the miniseries The Woodpecker. He will soon appear in Tonight at Noon and The Guilty. He will shoot for Robert Eggers in The Northman, which will also star Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman. He is currently filming Zeros and Ones.

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