Trump to leave Washington before Biden’s inauguration

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, will leave the White House and the city of Washington, so he will not be in the city during the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden.

According to several sources have confirmed to NBC, the president will travel on Air Force One to Florida where he will stay in one of his mansions.

He is expected to make the journey on the same Wednesday 20 – inauguration day – in the morning or even Tuesday.

Unlike other inaugurations, Trump had already announced that he would not attend his successor’s and he does not plan to have any meeting with him.

Since this Thursday, there are signs of moving in the White House from which different workers leave carrying boxes and objects.

The one who will attend the inauguration is Vice President Mike Pence who this Thursday spoke by phone with his successor Kamala Harris.

Several sources have described the conversation as “pleasant” to the television network CNN.

Pence offered his advice and congratulated Harris on yet another sample of the different ways to embrace the transition during these last days of the Trump administration.

Washington will be shielded to welcome Biden’s inauguration, as the Pentagon has announced that it will triple the number of National Guard troops in the city.

According to the US Defense, there will be approximately 25,000 military personnel ensuring that violent incidents similar to those of January 6 do not occur, when a crowd of Trump supporters stormed Congress causing altercations that left five dead.

Likewise, four of the bridges that connect Washington with the state of Virginia will be closed.

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