New York breaks its contracts with Trump’s company for the president’s “criminal activities”

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has announced that the City Council will break “all the contracts” that it currently has with the Trump Organization for the “criminal activities” of the president, alluding to the January 6 assault on the headquarters of Congress. American.

The City Council’s legal teams have examined the possibility of terminating these contracts and have concluded that the authorities can do so if a company or its main person is involved in “criminal activity”, something that De Blasio considers to be the case in this case. The Democratic mayor in an interview with MSNBC accused Trump of “instigating an insurrection” against the institutions, alluding to the harangues to his followers to demonstrate coinciding with the certification in Congress of the results of the last elections .

“New York City does not do business with insurgents,” De Blasio has sentenced on his Twitter account, where he explained that this decision will result in the termination of various concessions, including the Central Park carousel, two skating rinks and a golf course. The Trump Organization, a business conglomerate primarily engaged in the management and development of real estate, is based in New York. The president was forced to cede control of the firm to his children in 2017, when he assumed the Presidency of the United States, but he has never completely disassociated himself.

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