WhatsApp ensures that messages and calls will remain private

WhatsApp has ensured that the changes it has made to its privacy policy do not affect the privacy of messages and calls from users through the platform, since conversations are protected with end-to-end encryption.

For a week, WhatsApp users have found when they open the application a message that warns them of an upcoming change in their Conditions and Privacy policy, which will take effect on February 8.

These changes refer to the data that WhatsApp collects from users and their treatment. Also to how businesses can use Facebook’s hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats. Changes that you must accept to continue using the app from February 8.

The company then pointed out to Europa Press that the new policies do not imply material changes in the processing of data for users in the European Union, and ensures that WhatsApp does not yet share the data of said users with Facebook in order for the parent company use them to improve products and advertisements.

However, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, and the change in policies, and the requirement to accept it in order to continue using the messaging service, have alarmed many users, who have understood that the company has or will have access to the content of their conversations .

Therefore, WhatsApp has wanted to make it “100% clear” that it continues to protect the privacy of messages with end-to-end encryption. This means, as he explains in an infrograph shared on his Twitter profile, that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook cannot see private messages or listen to calls.

The platform does not keep records of who the user writes or calls, nor can they view the shared location. It ensures that you do not share your contacts with Facebook and that the Groups are also private. Also remember that users can set a timer for messages to disappear automatically, and even download the data.

The update to the privacy policy “does not affect the privacy of messages with friends or family,” the company reiterates in the publication.

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