Germany issues a travel alert for the US in the face of the “volatile” situation after the assault on the Capitol

The German authorities have issued a travel alert to the United States on Tuesday due to the “violent protests” registered during the assault on the Capitol last Wednesday and due to the “volatility” of the situation ahead of the inauguration of the president-elect, Joe Biden.

As the Foreign Ministry has indicated in a statement, the “situation could change at any moment”, especially before Biden is sworn in.

Thus, he specified that “violent protests and insurrection are expected in Washington and in other areas of the country, especially in large cities and state capitals.”

The German government’s alert comes almost a week after a horde of Trump supporters violently stormed the United States Capitol to stop the electoral vote ratification session.

The riots, which have resulted in five deaths, had already prompted the German Ministry to issue an alert for the Washington area. The new alert also recommends moving away from government headquarters in the capitals of the country’s 50 states and “avoiding large crowds.”

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