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The main opposition candidate denounces a new raid on his home and the arrest of his security team

The main opposition candidate for the Presidency of Uganda, Robert Kyagulanyi, denounced on Tuesday a new raid by the security forces on his home and the arrest of his security team, just two days before an election in which he will try to end at the 35-year term of the president, Yoweri Museveni.

“The Army has carried out a raid on my house this morning, it has arrested all my security guards and all those who have seen in the facilities. No reasons have been given for the arrests,” said the opponent, popularly known as Bobi Wine, through his account on the social network Twitter.

He also indicated that one of his advisers was arrested “violently” during a raid on his home on Monday night. “He has been taken to an unknown place,” he said, before emphasizing that “these acts of impunity are” the kicks of a dying horse. “

“Museveni has to tell the world what he intends to do in these elections and arrest my entire campaign team, advisers and those who support me,” he has said. “The Army has arrested many friends and comrades two days before the elections. Others are living as fugitives,” he said.

Kyagulanyi himself has warned of a possible attempt by the government party to manipulate the electoral results and has pointed out that “Museveni is known for electoral manipulation.” “Be careful and protect his votes,” he added.

“After voting, stay on hold to protect the votes. Use telephones (to document the process), because we believe that Museveni plans to cut the Internet to be able to manipulate (the results)”, he has reviewed, as the German agency has collected news DPA.

On the other hand, Bobi Wine has warned that electoral fraud “would become a recipe for violence.” “The people of Uganda will not accept any illegality,” he stressed in a meeting with the press in the capital of the African country, Kampala.

The elections will take place in a particularly tense context due to the increase in repression against the opposition and the death of more than 50 people in November due to the action of the security forces against protesters after the arrest of the main opposition candidate during an act of Bell.

Thus, the spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ravina Shamdasani, expressed last week the “deep concern” of the body for the “deterioration” of the situation of Human Rights in the country before the elections.

Kyagulanyi will be the main rival of the current president, who has led the country since 1986 and who will try to achieve a sixth term after a series of constitutional modifications so that he can go to the polls.

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