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Trump calls the US elections “third world” and asks his senators to fight for his presidency

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has branded this Saturday on his Twitter the presidential elections of November 3 as “third world” and has asked the senators of his party to “stand up and fight for their presidency.”

“The courts are bad, the FBI and ‘Justice’ did not do their job and the electoral system of the United States seems that of a third world country,” he said on his Twitter in a thread in which he cited a list of alleged irregularities for which there is no evidence.

Since his defeat to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump has assured that there was fraud in the elections and that he has not really lost, something that his team has been unable to prove in court and of which there is no evidence.

Although much of the Republican party initially supported the recount and was silent about Biden’s victory, after his proclamation to the Electoral College, more and more Republicans have publicly taken the Democrat’s victory for granted or assumed.

This has led Trump to surround himself with his most staunch loyalists who believe in fraud, as numerous US media have repeatedly reported.

Likewise, numerous media have also assured that Trump has distanced himself from his vice president, Mike Pence, since he, as president of the Senate, will proclaim Biden on January 6 in a formal act, following the constitutional dictates of the country.

According to NBC, the White House has also sent an email to Republican congressmen that included a graphic hinting that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had only been re-elected because of Trump’s support.

The latest chapter in the tension between the Republicans and Trump has been the latter’s refusal to sign the economic stimulus package of 900,000 million dollars (735,000 million euros) that they approved after a long negotiation in the US Congress.

Trump has ensured that either checks for 2,000 dollars (1,638 euros) are given to vulnerable people instead of 600 dollars (492 euros approximately), as had been agreed, or he will not sign.

Paradoxically, the Democrats are willing for this to happen, but the Republican ranks do not want to reach this amount.

The US president has also exercised his right to veto over the defense budget agreed between the two parties, which he described as “shameful.”

This Saturday precisely the unemployment benefits of approximately 14 million people expire, according to Fox News, and these will not be renewed if Trump does not sign the law agreed by Democrats and Republicans.

A little further on the horizon appears a possible government shutdown next Monday if the public spending agreement, which is linked to the economic stimulus package, is not signed by the president either.

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