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FBI accuses Iran of creating a website where election personnel were threatened with death

The FBI and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency have accused Iran of being responsible for the creation of a website called Enemies of the People in mid-June in which election officials and volunteers were threatened with death.

The US agency has identified several websites that contained personal information of US officials and individuals from the private sector involved in the organization of the election appointment.

In addition, from a series of emails death threats were also sent, the FBI has indicated, which ensures that the page is “currently” inactive.

Following accusations of electoral fraud by US President Donald Trump, some electoral process officials in key states have been the victims of online harassment campaigns by people who accused them of manipulating the elections.

Iran’s guilt adds another point of tension to the conflict between the two powers on the same day that Trump has threatened the Asian country with retaliation if there are again attempted attacks against US citizens or buildings like the one against the country’s embassy in Baghdad last Sunday, which the president blames them for.

“A friendly healthy advice for Iran: if an American dies, I will hold Iran responsible,” he warned on Twitter, urging the authorities to “think” about it.

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