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The WHO assures that, for now, there is no evidence that the new strain is “more deadly”

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reported on Monday that for now there is no evidence to show that the new strain of coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom is “more deadly” or causes a disease “More serious”.

“We are working with scientists and researchers to see how the virus behaves,” Tedros said at a press conference, to insist on the need to stop the transmission of the virus “as quickly as possible”, warning that the more it is allowed to spread, “the more likely it is to mutate.”

In this sense, the doctor responsible for emerging diseases and zoonoses of the World Health Organization (WHO), Maria Van Kerkhove, has reported that what has currently been observed, regarding this new strain, is that it does seem that has a higher transmissibility, although it has indicated that the United Kingdom is analyzing all the aspects related to this strain.

“For now there is no evidence that there is an increase in severity associated with this variant. Work is being done to study the transmission of the virus and its increase to determine how this variant is transmitted, but we still do not know that this virus will change their severity or the value of vaccines “, has emphasized the director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan.

For this reason, Tedros has asked countries and citizens that, beyond the next arrival of vaccines against Covid-19, they adopt all the necessary measures to avoid contagion, also protecting health professionals.

“The health workers have never had a more difficult year than this. We are facing a festive season and the best gift for them is that political leaders and citizens take the necessary precautions to avoid putting even more pressure on health systems,” he added .

That said, Tedros has commented that vaccines “are not an excuse” for people to stop being prudent against the virus, so he has reiterated the importance of “doubling down” support for basic health services.

“We are seeing groups that continue to insist, with a dishonest narrative, that the virus only affects the elderly and that with vaccines we can relax. Covid-19 attacks all people, including children, and all health systems. body “, has warned the director general of the WHO, to underline the importance of guaranteeing access to vaccines in all parts of the world.

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