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Bob Woodward: “Trump is the most isolated and lonely political figure I have ever met”

The journalist from ‘The Washington Post’ stars in Dircom Catalunya’s Netcom 2020

The associate editor of ‘The Washington Post’ and double Pulitzer Prize winner, Bob Woodward, has defined this Thursday critically the president of the United States, Donald Trump: “He is the most isolated and lonely political figure I have ever met, and he has lost the elections because it has failed to protect people from the pandemic. “

He has telematically starred in the Netcom 2020 event of the Associació de Directius de Comunicació (Dircom Catalunya), whose president, María Luisa Martínez Gistau, has also participated.

Woodward, who has interviewed Trump on several occasions and has written two books on his figure and presidency, has argued that the businessman “has sown division in the United States” and that his only concern in recent months has been to obtain reelection, without get it.

“He is not aware of the country he is leaving,” according to Woodward, who recalled how, during an interview, the president mocked him for expressing the feeling of pain and anger felt by the African-American population at the attitudes of his government, the racism and police violence.

For the journalist, the main job of President-elect Joe Biden will be to face the health and economic crisis of the coronavirus but, above all, to restore unity to the American people: “He is a healer, he likes to bring people together; he will work to listen and unite ideas to be able to solve problems together “.

Asked by María Luisa Martínez, the co-author of ‘Todos los Hombres del Presidente’ together with journalist Carl Bernstein has referred to the relationship of the media with power, the danger of ‘fake news’ and the emergence of social networks in newsrooms.

“The idea of ​​acceleration that we currently live is distancing us from understanding what is really happening. In journalism, you can never rush because the truth is too difficult to grasp,” he said.

As for Trump’s relationship with the media, he has questioned that journalists should publish everything he says: “You have to publish, but always verify.”

As an example, he has described the post-election coverage: “Biden won, Trump questioned him and the [TV] channels had to let him speak, because he is the president of the United States, but they could not follow as have made”.

Martínez highlighted the effort for rigorous journalism and Woodward’s commitment to the truth: “In this environment of uncertainty and great complexity, journalism well done is becoming more and more important every day.”

The president of Dircom Catalunya has valued the work of the directors of communication and social dialogue that she – she has maintained – above all must convey confidence, “the most precious asset in what remains of this unpredictable 21st century “.

He added that communication directors must be “now more than ever the valves that inject the flow of the social pulse into organizations and the speakers that convey what their commitments and values ​​are to some ‘stakeholders’ who no longer settle for empty words. or slogans more or less brilliant “.

The ninth edition of Netcom 2020, hosted by TV3 journalist Ramon Pellicer, has been broadcast through the web platform www.netcom2020.com due to capacity restrictions due to the coronavirus, and has been followed by more than 400 journalists and directors of communication, has encrypted Dircom Catalunya.

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