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Tasting a Little of Creole gastronomy

In the culinary contest of Prosoli and the PMA, the dishes were prepared with the nutritional supplement Progresina. The participants prepared Moro, monfogo, beans with candy, cookies and cakes.

Boca Chica, RD.- Using her ingenuity and creativity in Creole cuisine, the gastronomy student, Sagrario Morales won the highest award in the cooking contest ‘Testing a Little, sponsored by Progresando con Solidaridad (Prosoli) and the World Program of the United Nations (WFP).

In a three-day journey, 13 cooks were preparing Dominican dishes, whose main ingredient to prepare them was the nutritional supplement Progresina, a fortified food made from corn flour and that provides energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The young aspiring chef won first place for her innovative dish from a Creole Christmas dinner that included salads, pigeon peas and a sheet cake made with Progresina. She also made some beans with sweets and some vanilla and Progresina cookies.

“For me it was a great challenge to work with this supplement (flour) that I did not know. When I saw the rules of the contest, I said to myself: what can I create with this? At first I saw it as complex, but later I realized how easy it is to work with Progresina and all the nutritional benefits it has. That got me excited to create something rich, ” Sagrario said.

Gloria Reyes, director of Prosoli, was excited about this contest and said that cooking shows love, this being a practice that develops the values ​​of responsibility, effort and even patience.

“Cooking helps us develop creativity, self-confidence and enjoy sharing with family or friends. The date of December 13, which we commemorate in the country the National Day of Dominican Cuisine and Gastronomy, we use a tasty way to celebrate it, with a weekend of great creativity to cook and taste, ” she said.

During these three days, the participating chefs prepared mofongo, a Dominican sancocho and even the traditional Christmas dinner, among other dishes, demonstrating creativity in culinary art.

While Romain Sirois, WFP representative in the country, argued that nutritious food is a shared responsibility of the State and organizations such as WFP, and this can be achieved with the sum of all efforts.

” From the WFP, we reiterate our invitation to these young contestants who today exercise the art of feeding people, to prioritize people’s health by incorporating the principles of good nutrition in their dishes, and to act as multipliers of everything What I have learned in these three days, I invite you to innovate with food selection and preparation techniques that improve nutritional quality at a reasonable cost, ” he concluded.

He added that promoting good nutrition through innovative initiative, as this contest contributes to the efforts made by the Government to counteract the effects of malnutrition that impacts a large part of the world’s population, also, this contest seeks to mobilize and raise awareness society to achieve the goals of the Zero Hunger Movement (MHC) sustainable development goal.

The jury and the winners
In addition to Sagrario Morales, he received a special mention, Valentín Rodríguez with a prize of 20 thousand pesos and Luis Alejandro Batlle Bergés and Rolando Ramírez, an honorable mention with a prize of 10 thousand pesos. The first place obtained a bonus of 40 thousand pesos.

The jury was made up of chef Sergio Granado, who served as its president. Granado thanked the participants for the touch of elegance, affection, and for the way they transformed and improved Dominican dishes using Progresina. Also making up the jury were Wandy Robles and nutritionists Altagracia Fulcar, from PMA, and Alba Pilar Villafaña from Prosoli.

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