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Trump accuses the Supreme Court of lack of “courage” for rejecting the electoral demand presented by Texas

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused the Supreme Court this Saturday of failing its “courage” by rejecting a lawsuit by the state of Texas to revoke the result of the presidential elections in the states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. , and has reiterated, as it has been doing for weeks, that the elections are “rigged” before promising to continue fighting to change the outcome.

Trump’s legal team, which has accumulated more than fifty defeats in different courts of the country, has not yet managed to present any evidence considered sufficiently solid by the judges to invalidate any results and the states have already certified enough votes for the Democratic candidate , Joe Biden, will occupy the White House on January 20, 2021.

After hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling, Trump has denounced on Twitter that the highest judicial body in the country has not responded to his expectations. “The High One has truly disappointed us. Neither wisdom nor courage!”

Then Trump returned to expose the grievances that, in his view, he has been subjected.

“You are president of the country, you hold an election in which you supposedly lose even though you get more votes than any active president in all of history. Since you have no ‘case’ before the Supreme Court, you ask the wonderful states to intervene for you. .. and suddenly, everything disappears, without even arguing why, “added Trump.

“A rigged election! Let’s keep fighting!”, The president concluded.

The rejection of the Supreme Court has been the latest judicial setback in the legal battle initiated by Trump to derail Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections in the so-called ‘key’ states to win. The president has repeatedly denounced the existence of “fraud” in the elections, although he has not provided evidence in this regard.

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