The unemployment rate in the United States falls to 6.7% in November and 245,000 jobs are created

The unemployment rate in the United States experienced a decline of two tenths in November, to stand at 6.7%, so the country’s labor market continued its recovery for the seventh consecutive month after the Covid-19 ‘shock’ , which in April produced the worst employment data in the country in history, according to figures published this Friday by the labor statistics office of the US Department of Labor.

The economic reactivation of the country has slowed down with the passing of each month, so that in November only 245,000 jobs were created, after 610,000 in October. Since May, the country has recovered 12.1 million jobs, so it has almost recovered 60% of the jobs lost in April, when the crisis destroyed 20.8 million jobs.

In this way, the unemployment rate has continued to move away from the all-time highs that it reached in spring and summer, of up to 14.7%. In October 2009, the peak of the global financial crisis that began in 2008, the unemployment rate in the United States reached 10%, while the historical maximum until this year was in December 1982, when it reached 10.8% .

The number of long-term unemployed, those who have been unemployed for a minimum of 27 weeks, rose to 3,941 million people, which is equivalent to an increase of 385,000 unemployed. This large increase is due to the fact that between October and November nearly 27 weeks have elapsed since April, when most of the layoffs took place. The weight of the long-term unemployed with respect to the total number of unemployed increased 4.4 percentage points, to 36.9%.

On his side, the total number of unemployed people was 10.735 million people, so it fell by 326,000 unemployed. At the same time, the participation rate in the labor market fell by two tenths, to 61.5%. Compared to October, the workforce fell by 400,000 people.

By groups of workers, the unemployment rate among women fell by four tenths, to 6.1%, while among men it remained stable at 6.7%. Unemployment among young people stood at 14%, one tenth more.

In November, the number of private sector employees grew by 344,000 people, while the public sector workforce was reduced by 99,000 workers.

The sector that created the most employment was transportation and warehousing services, coinciding with the start of the shopping period that begins in November with ‘Black Friday’, while professional services and companies expanded their workforce by 60,000 workers and educational and health service companies hired 54,000 workers.

The length of the average work week was unchanged at 34.8 hours. On his side, the average hourly income rose by 9 cents to $ 29.58.

Likewise, the Labor Department has reported that the number of jobs created in September has been revised upwards, to 711,000 people (39,000 more), while the October data has been adjusted to 610,000 (28,000 less).

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