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71% of the victims of modern slavery in the world are women and girls, according to the Walk Free organization

Women and girls around the world represent 71% of the victims of modern slavery that still exist on the planet, according to data from the international organization for Human Rights, Walk Free, collected by Sicar.cat and Proyecto Esperanza, both projects by Adoratrices. This Wednesday, December 2, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is celebrated.

These two projects indicate that, despite the fact that human slavery was the first violation of Human Rights (HR) that aroused broad international concern, it is still in force today and has evolved into other forms, such as forced labor or trafficking in human beings, which includes feminized exploitation purposes.

“Trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation in the employment of the home and trafficking for the celebration of forced marriages are forms of trafficking that have a disproportionate incidence on women and girls, and therefore represent forms of violence against women for gender reasons “, explains the coordinator of Institutional Relations and Incidence of Sicar.Cat, Rosa Cendón.

In this sense, both projects clarify what exploitation means and the fact that a person is subjected to work or services under threats and / or without giving their consent freely and their rights being violated. On the other hand, they add that exploitation for criminal activities does affect women, which they consider to be “especially invisible” and gives rise to “serious human rights violations” that result in their re-victimization.

For this reason, both Sicar.Cat and Proyecto Esperanza have launched # AlsoEsTrata to influence the knowledge and deepening of these forms of trafficking and that they have collected in a document that contains the analysis of the existing legal framework as well as some real cases that have attended.

This document shows that Spain is a country of origin and also of transit or destination for trafficking for these purposes of exploitation, so both projects consider it necessary to address trafficking in human beings and request the approval of a comprehensive law that improve victim identification and assistance.

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