10 arrested and one wounded by a knife in Washington after a demonstration in support of Trump

10 detainees and one wounded by a knife after the clash between Trumpists and anti-Trumpists

Trump greeted protesters from his car before the incidents.

The demonstration of Trump supporters against an alleged electoral fraud in the United States elections, of which there is no evidence, held this Saturday has resulted in one injured by a knife and ten people arrested after encountering a counter-demonstration.

The protest, in which US President Donald Trump has appeared briefly, has passed quietly through the streets of Washington until nightfall when a group of Trump supporters had a confrontation with a counter-demonstration.

Of the ten arrested, four have been for illegally carrying weapons, while the injured is a young man in his twenties who has been taken to hospital with serious injuries, according to ‘The Washington Post’.

Among the organizers of the march were Parad el Robo D.C. and far-right groups like Proud Boys (Proud Boys) or Oath Keepers (The Guardians of the Oath).

Trump has blamed the incidents on Antifa, a far-left movement, which he has called “GARBAGE” and whom he has accused of attacking “older people and families.”

The US president has also criticized the mayor of Washington because, in his opinion, the police “did their job, but late.”

The president had appeared during the afternoon by surprise in the so-called “MAGA March (Make America Great Again) of the Million” amid the shouts of support from the attendees. The president has appeared in his car, which has slowly traveled the area while Trump greeted his supporters.

Attendees have responded with shouts of “USA, USA!” (“United States, United States!”) And many of them have chased the presidential vehicle to try to take a picture.

On Friday Trump already hinted that he could participate in a message posted on Twitter in which he explained that “he may try to pass me and say hi.” “It is exciting to see the great support that there is, in particular in the organic demonstrations that arise throughout the country, including the great demonstration on Saturday in D.C.,” he said.

During the day, the protesters have chanted other slogans such as “stop the theft” or “march for Trump” in a demonstration in which the number of people who did not use masks was notorious in a context marked by the rebound in cases of coronavirus in the country, according to the Bloomberg agency.

Trump has not acknowledged his defeat in the Nov. 3 election even though the counts in key states have leaned toward his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. So far the appeals filed by Trump’s team for recount have been dismissed by the courts.

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