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Pennsylvania will not conduct a vote count to certify Biden’s victory

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has announced that there will be no counting of votes from the past US elections, since the margin obtained by the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, over the Republican and current president, Donald Trump, is above of the margin that would trigger a second count under state electoral law.

Boockvar explained in a press release on Friday that both Biden and other winners of the state elections, held on November 3, have exceeded the 0.5 percent margin stipulated by state electoral law to consider a recount necessary. .

The rejection of a recount includes the votes cast in the presidential race, as well as in the elections for Attorney General, auditor and state treasurer.

The latest results in Pennsylvania show that Biden outperformed Trump by more than 59,000 votes, according to the NBC television network, which is a margin of more than 0.8 percent.

Boockvar had until Nov. 18 to order a recount of the votes, according to state law, although he has finally made the decision five days before the deadline.

Ballot counting continues in the state of Pennsylvania, where about 100,000 provisional votes cast on Election Day still remain to be counted, a type of ballot that always takes longer to process, as reported by the US media, because the boards Electors need to verify that they meet certain standards before they can be counted.

However, “these ballots are not of a sufficient number to impact on the decision not to carry out a recount in all state electoral races,” it has been indicated in the statement issued by the authorities.

However, Trump has stated through his Twitter account, after the announcement of the state authorities, that “700,000 votes could not be observed (by the Republican commissioners) in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which means, based on our great Constitution , We won the State of Pennsylvania! “.

While Pennsylvania has rejected the vote recount, states such as Georgia have announced that they will celebrate it due to Biden’s narrow margin of advantage over Trump, who has litigation open in different key states to denounce suspected fraud and demand a recount.

The New York tycoon has insisted that the elections have been rigged against him, despite the fact that his own lawyers have lost most of the appeals presented for lack of evidence.

In addition, members of the Elections Coordinating Board at the federal level, which depends on the National Security Council, assured this Friday that there is no evidence of “lost or rejected votes” and that the elections on November 3 were the “safest in American history, “according to CBS.

Biden, for his part, has gone ahead with the transition process even though the Trump Administration has declined to cooperate for the time being.

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