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US backs down and will rescind Donald Trump’s ban on closing TikTok

The United States Department of Commerce announced on Thursday that it will reverse its initial intention to shut down the Chinese-owned social network TikTok, thus complying with a court decision after a lawsuit filed by three influential people from this platform.

While waiting to know what will be the decision of the Administration of president-elect, Joe Biden, in this regard, this attempt to close TikTok was part of a crusade by the still tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, to be bought by US companies .

Last August, Trump justified this measure by assuring that it was a matter of national security, as there was an alleged spy network carried out by the Government of Beijing through this popular social network, which only in the United States has with about 50 million users.

President Trump assured that the only way that the short video social network could remain in the country was to stop buying by some of the US companies, otherwise it would be closed as of September 20, although the White House extended until This Thursday, November 12, that date, waiting for a buyer to be found.

However, the Department of Commerce has explained that this postponement responds to the ruling of the judge of a federal court in Philadelphia, Wendy Beetlestone, after a lawsuit filed by three important figures of this social network, the comedian Douglas Marland, the guru of the fashion Cosette Rinab and musician Alex Chambers, reports the ‘Wall Street Journal’.

This week, ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, filed a claim with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals for a 30-day extension of the deadline for the ultimatum given to the company, since during the last two months it did not receive No response from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

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