Law Firm Leading Trump’s Lawsuit Over Alleged Pennsylvania Fraud Drop Proceedings

The law firm responsible for leading the lawsuit of the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, about an alleged fraud of votes during the presidential elections in the state of Pennsylvania has withdrawn from the proceedings, according to a court document collected by the ‘New York Times’.

The firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, “has reached an agreement with the plaintiffs, by which it is concluded that it will serve them better if it withdraws from the case,” according to the document.

The firm’s withdrawal occurs after information precisely from the US media revealed internal tensions at the firm over its decision to work for the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania, a key state in the electoral victory of its Democratic rival, President-elect Joe Biden, by providing 20 votes in the Electoral College.

According to the media, some employees of the firm lamented that they had been used to undermine the integrity of the electoral process months before the elections, and one of the lawyers resigned this summer in protest.

The Columbus, Ohio-based firm had received at least $ 727,000 in fees from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, and had filed a lawsuit in court, still pending, alleging “wrongdoing.” in Biden’s victory.

The firm, however, has yet to pronounce on its participation in the rest of the numerous specific demands that the Trump campaign has presented in the state on different aspects of the vote.

Last Wednesday, the firm issued a statement in which it denied allegations of partisanship and defended its long history of work on electoral law during which it has represented Democrats, Republicans and independents alike. “

“Sometimes this requires us to take on controversial cases,” according to the statement. “We await criticism in such cases and we reaffirm the right of all people to express their concern and disagreement,” the firm concluded.


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