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Former National Security Adviser John Bolton Asks Republicans To “Recognize That Biden Has Won”

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton on Friday asked Republican congressmen and politicians to “recognize the reality” that the Democratic White House candidate, Joe Biden, “has won the election.”

In an interview with NPR, Bolton has described Biden as the “elected president” of the United States and has assured that the congressmen of the Republican Party “will survive” any kind of attack by the president, Donald Trump, if they “break with him for the results of the presidential elections.

Thus, he has indicated that “Republicans may not like to acknowledge that Biden is the winner, but the country deserves to give him the necessary preparation” to carry out his new position. “A president who puts the interests of the country first would realize this,” he said in a clear allusion to the Trump campaign slogan, ‘America first’.

“All I’m saying is that showing disagreement with the president will not be terrible for his political future. I am not asking anyone to climb Mount Suribachi and plant the first American flag on top,” he specified in a reference to the iconic photograph. of the US Marines with the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

The words of Bolton, who was appointed Trump’s National Security Adviser in April 2018 and became a strong critic of the president after leaving the Administration in September 2019, came after the majority of Republican congressmen showed themselves to in favor of the accusations of fraud made by the Trump campaign.

Bolton has been against the legal resources presented by the tycoon and has rejected the accusations of fraud, which he has considered “unfounded”. “The arguments of Trump and his campaign are based on conspiracies (…) This conspiracy is so successful that there is apparently no evidence of it,” he said.

In recent days there have been signs of internal fissures among Republicans when it comes to supporting Trump. A group of Republican senators has leaned toward acknowledging Biden’s victory and has requested that he begin to be briefed on relevant security and intelligence issues.

For Bolton it is crucial that Biden has access to daily intelligence dossiers and has advocated for the transition of power in the State Department, the Pentagon and the National Security agencies, which “must start working with the new administration. sooner”.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, has insisted that the results are not final and has suggested that the teams are preparing for a “transition to the second Trump Administration.”

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