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Barr Authorizes US Prosecutors To Investigate Allegations Of Alleged Voter Fraud

The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, has authorized this Monday all federal prosecutors of the Department of Justice to initiate investigations into the accusations of the alleged irregularities that would have been committed during the presidential past, despite scant evidence of fraud .

Barr has explained through a letter that such investigations can be carried out as long as there are “clear and apparently credible allegations” of those alleged irregularities that, “if true, could potentially affect the result” in a specific state, according to tells the newspaper ‘USA Today’.

Although Barr has not indicated any irregularity in the text that he has sent to the prosecutors, he has asked them that in case of initiating any investigation in this regard, it must be carried out “with adequate precaution” and maintaining “the absolute commitment of neutrality.” of the Department of Justice.

However, Barr has been another of the figures of the Republican environment who did not skimp during the electoral period in attacks against the vote by mail, the main argument that the still president of the United States, Donald Trump, and some of his most faithful allies, to report election fraud.

A theory that is not even shared by a large part of the Republican Party, beyond a few unconditional, since there are no solid arguments that this “great massive fraud” that Trump came out to denounce after the first results was published.

Among those who support Trump’s attempts to reverse this situation are two of his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., as well as the main Republican representative in the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell, for whom the still tenant of the White House “You have every right to examine allegations of wrongdoing and weigh your legal options.”

In general, prosecutors can only act once the final results are available, a situation that could still take several days, or even weeks, as states have until December 8 to make them official public.

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