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The pandemic is approaching 50.5 million cases worldwide, with more than half a million in one day

The United States, India, Brazil and France are the four countries with the most accumulated positives

The new coronavirus pandemic already accumulates more than 50.4 million cases around the world and advances at a daily rate of positives above half a million, with the United States, India and Brazil as the main exponents of a virus that is leaving in several European countries record levels of infections, unprecedented since the start of the health emergency.

Specifically, the world has added almost 561,000 new positives in the last day, while the global number of deaths is already around 1,256,000. More than 33 million people have managed to overcome the disease worldwide, according to statistics collected by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States has registered in recent days the worst case data of the entire pandemic and, after once again exceeding 100,000 positives in a single day (almost 106,000), it is now close to 10 million in global terms. More than 237,500 patients have lost their lives as victims of COVID-19 in the North American country.

India, on the other hand, has managed to reduce the rate of infections in recent weeks, although it already exceeds 8.5 million cases and accumulates more than 126,600 deaths. The Asian country is the one that has registered the most recoveries to date, more than 7.9 million.

Brazil, for its part, remains in third position on this list, which is made up of data from 190 countries and territories. The South American giant has registered more than 5.6 million cases and almost 162,400 deaths.

France has become in recent days the epicenter of the second wave in Europe and already includes more than 1.8 million positives in its balance, which has led it to overtake Russia, which accumulates more than 1.7 million of COVID-19 cases. France has suffered almost 40,500 deaths, some 10,000 more than Russia, which has registered 30,300.

Spain is listed below, with more than 1.3 million cases and some 38,800 fatalities, waiting for the Ministry of Health to update the data for the entire weekend. Argentina is the country with the most cases in Latin America, close to 1,250,000, and accumulates some 33,500 deaths from the disease.

The United Kingdom is also above one million positives, which accounts for almost 1.2 million infected and more than 49,100 deaths; and Colombia, with 1.14 million infections and almost 32,800 deaths.

Mexico is approaching the one million threshold with almost 968,000 cases and 95,000 fatalities, while Italy has risen on this list and stands with 935,000 positives and almost 42,000 fatalities. Peru, for its part, has 922,000 infected people and is close to 34,900 deceased.

South Africa, the country most affected by the pandemic in Africa, registers more than 737,000 cases and 19,800 deaths, while Germany and Iran are practically on a par with some 682,000 positives, although in the German case the death toll is around 11,400 and in Iran it is already close to 38,300.

Poland, which has chained several records of infections, already exceeds 546,000 cases of COVID-19 and 7,800 deaths, while Chile –521,000 positive and 14,500 dead – and Belgium –500,000 official infections and 13,000 deaths – also appear on the Johns Hopkins University list above the half million threshold.

With more than 400,000 positives there are already Iraq, with 498,000 positives and 11,300 fatalities; Ukraine, 474,000 cases and 8,700 deaths; Indonesia, with 437,000 positives and 14,600 fatalities; Bangladesh, with 420,000 cases and 6,000 deaths; The Netherlands, with 416,000 infections and 8,000 deaths; and the Czech Republic, with 414,000 cases and 4,800 deaths.

Already in the range of 300,000 infections are the Philippines (396,000); Turkey (394,000); Saudi Arabia (350,000); Pakistan (345,000), Israel (320,000), and Romania (303,000), while in the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are Canada (267,000), Morocco (256,000) and Switzerland (212,000).

Above 100,000 positives are Nepal (194,000); Portugal (180,000), Ecuador (175,000); Austria (153,000), Sweden (146,000); Bolivia (142,000); United Arab Emirates (142,000); Panama (139,000); Qatar (134,000); Kuwait (131,000); Dominican Republic (130,000); Oman (118,000); Kazakhstan (116,000); Costa Rica (116,000); Guatemala (111,000); Hungary (110,000), Jordan (109,000); Egypt (109,000); Japan (108,000); Armenia (106,000) Belarus (106,000); and Honduras (100,000)

China, the country where the pandemic originated, counts 91,665 infected and 4,741 fatalities.

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