Russia and China avoid congratulating Biden pending final results

The governments of Russia and China have refused on Monday to congratulate the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, arguing that they prefer to wait for the open procedures to conclude to verify the results of the November 3 elections.

The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, has avoided a question at a press conference about the reasons why Beijing had not yet congratulated Biden, as other world authorities have done: “We understand that the result of the presidential elections it will be determined in accordance with the laws and procedures of the United States. “

“We will respond according to common international practice,” added Wang, who has taken the opportunity to defend the need for Beijing and Washington to resolve their possible differences on the basis of “mutual respect,” according to statements collected by official media.

The doubts also extend to the Kremlin, whose spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has said that Moscow hopes to be able to talk with the future president of the United States – to “normalize relations” – but without assuming that it will be Biden, proclaimed president-elect. on Saturday from the projections on the results in different states.

“We consider that it would be correct to wait for the official results of the elections held,” said Peskov, who in this way has justified that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet ruled on the political scene in the United States.

The current US president, Donald Trump, has announced a cascade of judicial resources to try to challenge results that he also does not recognize, because he understands that there was fraud in the vote by mail despite the fact that there is no evidence to support these accusations.


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