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Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia, one of the last disputed states

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has advanced the president, Donald Trump, in the fight for the state of Georgia, one of the six that have yet to be adjudicated since Tuesday’s elections in the United States.

According to the Decision Desk website, which has been tracking the election results these days, the former vice president’s advantage over Trump is now just 917 votes, with the count completed at 99 percent.

Thus, Biden would have obtained 49.39 percent of the votes and the Republican 49.37 percent. Fox News has already updated its map to indicate that Georgia appears to be leaning on the Democratic side in this election.

Biden’s eventual victory in Georgia would give him 16 votes in the Electoral College, leaving him to just one of the longed-for majority of 270. Currently, the Democratic candidate has 253 votes – Fox News raises this number to 264 since it includes Arizona. -.

It would also be a milestone since Georgia has not won a Democratic candidate since 1992, when Bill Clinton did. The state is one of those that has been the subject of lawsuits by Donald Trump’s campaign team.

The president’s options for reelection would be reduced if he loses Georgia. In addition, his advantage in Pennsylvania, another of the states in contention and which awards 20 delegates to the winner, is also shrinking. According to CBS, this Thursday night was just over 26,000 votes. According to CNN, some 163,000 ballots remain to be scrutinized.

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