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Trump to contest by “fraud” the count in all the states that now favor Biden

Biden’s campaign labels Trump’s move as “political theater”

Trump’s team will be able to observe the count in Pennsylvania

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has announced that his team will challenge for “fraud” the count in all the states that in recent hours have opted for the side of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and has requested that they be taken into account counts the ballots that may arrive at the end of the electoral day.

“Stop the count!” Said Trump, in a message in capital letters in which he once again demanded what he had already asked for in his speech on election night, when he proclaimed himself the winner of the elections and warned of possible fraud to favor of his rival.

Trump has stressed on Twitter that “no vote that arrives after election day will be counted,” a message that the social network itself has classified as ‘misleading’.

“We will challenge for fraud (…) the states claimed by Biden recently,” announced the president, who has said he has “much evidence” and has called to “check the media,” in apparent allusion to unconfirmed information. Trump, for example, believes he has a “great legal victory” in Pennsylvania, one of the pending states.

Trump’s reelection chances rest on a contradictory, long-term strategy: an attempt to halt the counting of votes in the states where he believes he is in the lead, while demanding that the recount continue in the territories where he loses to Biden. .

The Trump campaign has sent a team to Arizona, a state that some projections give Biden, to ensure hundreds of thousands of votes are counted by mail, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Although the president has repeatedly affirmed that voting by mail is plagued with fraud, his campaign manager, Bill Stepien, has indicated that Trump’s team believes that those votes will favor him by up to 70 percent and will make the state back to the Republican side.

Trump’s team also called for an official recount in Wisconsin on Wednesday, where Biden has won by more than 20,000 votes. In addition, he filed lawsuits to stop the recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan, alleging that poll workers did not give his campaign adequate access to observe the recount.

In this context, a Pennsylvania court has ruled in favor of Trump and ruled that his team will be able to observe the voting process in the state, which the president’s campaign has associated with a massive victory.

No court has found irregularities in the vote-counting process in Philadelphia, CNN television has recalled. The votes that can decide which side the balance tips in Pennsylvania, a clear state, are in this city.

Furthermore, a Georgia court has rejected a lawsuit filed by state Republicans to prevent “unfair post-election vote recount” in the city of Savannah.

They filed the lawsuit after an election observer from the Republican Party reportedly saw unaccounted early votes mixed with others that did. According to the record provided by the Georgia Republicans, there were not many ballots.

Biden, for his part, has repeated that “all votes must be counted”, a message that has also been reiterated by his running mate, Kamala Harris, who has affirmed that “each and every vote must be counted.”

The Biden campaign has also criticized the Trump team’s move, which it has defined as “part of a broader disinformation campaign that includes some political theater” and “without merit,” according to Bloomberg.

In the opinion of Biden’s advisor Bob Bauer, the lawsuits are “an attempt to create a great fog” over the election results, but “it is not a very thick cloud,” he added.

Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, by contrast, has kept a lower profile these past two days. Already in his first public words, he avoided singing victory as his partner did, who has promoted judicial resources in several of the states that are still in contention.

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