Pizza, marijuana and Fox News, the other winners of the American elections

After a second election night where the presidential race for the White House has been marked by the narrow margins of difference between the two candidates in the “hinge state”, the FOX television network, marijuana and pizza have emerged as the others winners of the United States general elections.

In addition to casting their vote for the Republican candidate and current president, Donald Trump, or for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, Americans have voted for members of the Senate, Congress, governors, sherriffs, other municipal offices and even some states have asked to its citizens about legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and other issues.

A total of four states voted to legalize recreational cannabis use, as well as the nation’s capital, Washington DC, while Oregon has become the first state to approve the possession of small amounts of the considered hard drugs, including cocaine, heroin, oxycodine, and methamphetamine.

Oregon has also voted to decriminalize the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, while New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota are the four states that join the legalization of marijuana. Roughly a third of all states in the country currently allow recreational use of this substance, despite the fact that at the federal level it is still penalized by law.

On the other hand, the expectation that both during the electoral campaign and on the night of the elections has surrounded the elections has had as another of its protagonists the media, especially considering that they are the ones who launch the projections given by the voters of a state to one candidate or the other.

However, the television network Fox News has been the preferred one to follow up the frenetic coverage of the elections through the program presented by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, which had an average of 13.8 million viewers, a record for an American cable television news program covering Election Night.

Another aspect that brought Americans together during the night of Tuesday, November 3, was food, drink and marijuana. Throughout the night, food and beverage delivery services, as well as marijuana sales, registered very high levels of demand, according to US media.

For example, the alcoholic beverage home delivery service Drizly has assured that its sales increased 68 percent compared to the previous Tuesdays, while Eaze, a marijuana home delivery service in California, registered an increase in sales. 18 percent.

The same Tuesday, Google Trends wrote on its Twitter account that the main searches at that time were for “pizza, Chinese food, alcoholic stores, sushi and Mexican food.”

Despite these “triumphs”, all eyes are still on the vote count that follows in most states to determine who will finally be the new occupant of the Oval Office, amid the tension between “counting all the votes” that He has been defending Biden, who is benefiting from the vote by mail, and the demands that the current President Trump is issuing to either stop the count, or to question his legitimacy.


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