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Trump compares himself to López Obrador and highlights that both want to make their countries “great again”

He assures that the Hispanic community “will make him win” on November 3

US President Donald Trump equaled himself on Friday with his Mexican counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and stressed that both want to make their countries “great again.”

In an interview with the newspaper ‘El Universal’, the Republican candidate for the White House has assured that the jobs created under his Administration and the support of the Hispanic population are “his best political weapons”.

Thus, he has expressed that “he has no doubt” that he is the best candidate for the US Presidency from the Mexican perspective given that “a strong US economy benefits Mexicans.”

On the immigration problem and border control, Trump has indicated that this is an issue that deals with “the protection of sovereignty” and has insisted that foreign policy towards Mexico will not change if he wins the presidential elections on November 3. “It will continue to be based on migration, human trafficking, security and trade,” he said.

It is obvious to Trump that “he will win the election because the American people know they have created the most amazing economy in its history.” “An economy that created jobs and prosperity for all Americans,” he said.

“In fact, we have brought unemployment among Hispanics in the United States to its lowest level in history. Obviously, the virus from China hit our economy, as it hit all economies in the world,” he asserted, following the general line of the what has been his speech in recent months on the origin of the coronavirus: focus the blame on China.

With regard to the US economy, he stressed that “now it is urgent despite the efforts of (Democratic candidate) Joe Biden and the radical left,” which, as he has expressed, seeks to “slow things down to hurt him politically “. “They are not going to deceive the Americans,” he insisted.

Trump has stressed that the key to his success lies in the “incredible support he has among the Hispanic community,” which he has referred to as “very hard-working.” “They are patriotic Americans who do not want to see our economy closed. They do not want to see mutilated security forces or violent anarchists invading our streets,” he said.

In this sense, he has praised that Hispanics “believe in freedom and opportunity for individuals and families, not in more control and regulations of government bureaucrats” and has indicated that “they do not want to see this country adopt the same socialist policies that have led great countries like Cuba and Venezuela to ruin. “

He also stated that the relationship with Mexico “is now better than ever”, before calling it “incredible”. “(López Obrador) visited me at the White House a few months ago, it was an honor that it was his first visit abroad as president of Mexico,” he said.

In a renewed attack on Biden, he has accused him of “representing all the failed policies of the past.” “He held high public positions in the United States Government for 47 years. What did he do to improve relations with Mexico? Did he help solve the migration problem? The drug problem?”

As for Washington’s relationship with China, he assured that “they are going to defeat the countries that have been cheating them for years.”

The New York tycoon has applauded the joint work carried out with the Mexican Government during the pandemic, which has allowed, in his words, “to keep the border open to trade and other essential activities as economies are protected.”

“We have also protected the health of our peoples by restricting non-essential travel across the land border. If the pandemic showed us anything, it is the importance of a nation controlling its own borders. There will always be people in this world looking for a life. better, “he explained.

On this, he declared that, “hopefully, they will be able to find a better life in their own countries.” “If they want to move to another country, there is a legal way to do it. Our message is simple: people need to respect our laws,” he said.

“It is not fair for people who have waited their turn, following the rules, for other people to enter the country illegally,” he reiterated before specifying that “it is not fair for American workers.” “It is not fair to the same undocumented migrants, who face horrible dangers on their journey to the United States,” he added.

Finally, he clarified that it is “cruel to encourage people to try to emigrate illegally to the United States” and lamented that this is only “big business for traffickers and smugglers.”

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