Los Angeles Lakers conquer their 17th ring and honor Kobe Bryant

The Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA title this morning, the 17th in their history, after winning with one of the best performances of the ‘Playoffs’ in the sixth game of the Finals against Miami Heat (106-93), a feat that has served as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

The name of the historic Lakers player, who died on January 26 in a helicopter accident, resounded through the streets of the Los Angeles city, to which thousands of fans threw themselves to remember their idol while more than 4,000 kilometers away, in Orlando, his team made the final 4-2 in the series and celebrated its 17th title.

And it is that Frank Vogel’s team was intractable from the first quarter, solid in defense and lethal in the counterattack, and came to enjoy a 36-point advantage -at the beginning of the third quarter- against an unarmed Heat.

Once again, LeBron James was the leading scorer of the game and achieved a ‘triple-double’ -28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists- that earned him his fourth Finals MVP trophy. Akron, 35, continues to make history by being champion with three different teams, thus fulfilling the promise he made to Kobe Bryant to continue his “legacy.”

In addition, he dried up a Jimmy Butler that he left only in 12 points, so that Bam Adebayo, with 25 points, became the hope of the Florida team. However, their bad first half weighed down their team, who recovered Goran Dragic (5) and only managed to make up the score in the final quarter (35-19) with the duel already decided.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, thousands of fans took to the streets, despite the recommendations for the coronavirus pandemic, and crowded at the intersection of Figueroa Street and Chick Hearn Court, next to the Staples Center.

Shouts of ‘Kobe, Kobe’ echoed across the city, amid purple and gold smoke bombs and fireworks. “Since that tragedy, the only thing we wanted was to win for him,” said Anthony Davis at AdventHealth Arena in Orlando after winning the ring. “I know you are looking down on us with pride,” he concluded.

–RESULT: LOS ANGELES LAKERS, 106 – MIAMI HEAT, 93 (64-36 at halftime).

LOS ANGELES LAKERS: Caldwell-Pope (17), Green (11), James (28), Davis (19) and Caruso (4) – starting five -; Rondo (19), Kuzma (2), Howard (3), Morris (3), Dudley (-) and Cook (-).

MIAMI HEAT: Herro (7), Robinson (10), Butler (12), Crowder (12) and Adebayo (25) – initial quintet -; Iguodala (-), Nunn (8), Olynyk (9), Hill (5), Dragic (5) and Jones (-).

–PARTIALS: 28-20, 36-16, 23-22 and 19-35.

  • PAVILION: AdventHealth Arena in Orlando.


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