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A record nearly seven million Americans have already cast their early vote in the elections

More than 6.8 million Americans have already cast their early vote less than a month before the November presidential elections, in a wave of unprecedented electoral commitment motivated by the pandemic and by the extraordinary interest that the elections have unleashed in all the country.

According to data collected by the United States Election Project website, by the University of Florida professor Michael McDonald, states such as Wisconsin, Virginia and South Dakota have already collected more than 20 percent of the vote of the total electoral system in the 2016 elections. .

According to these estimates, the current number of early votes would multiply by 73 that registered in 2016 at this point, according to analysts at the CNN network.

“We are facing figures that are unprecedented in a modern election in the United States,” McDonald explained on his website, where he anticipates that up to 150 million Americans could end up voting in next month’s elections, in what would be the “Highest participation rate since 1908”.

For comparison, a total of approximately 130 million Americans cast their vote in the 2016 elections, of which 4.6 percent did so early.

According to a poll published last Wednesday by Gallup, 62 percent of registered Democratic voters had declared their intention to vote early, to just 28 percent of Republican voters, a difference of 34 percent to which they pale those registered since 2004, which has always moved around 2 percent in favor of one of the two parties.

“The tendency exhibited by the Republicans is consistent with the message of the president, Donald Trump, that the vote by mail is going to be rigged,” Gallup explains in this sense about Trump’s constant warnings, which have no basis, according to concluded the courts.

However, Gallup also highlights that the traditional behavior of the Republican voter is to go to the polls on Election Day.

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