More than 50 people arrested during a new night of protests against police violence in Portland

The Portland Police have detained 59 people in a new protest against police violence that originated in the city on Saturday night, which included the launching of “multiple incendiary bombs” against officers.

At the demonstration, one person was injured and had to be taken to hospital. The police force has assured that it was not a “peaceful protest”.

“Many in the crowd wore large shields and protective gear, including helmets, gas masks, bulletproof vests and all black clothing,” Portland Police said in a report posted on their website.

The body has assured that the protesters also threw stones, mortars and other objects on the agents.

“This criminal activity entailed an extreme danger to the safety of all members of the community and the declaration of a riot,” he said, adding that the crowd was warned through a loudspeaker that they should leave the area “immediately”.

Portland has become one of the last major hotbeds of protests against police brutality. The death of George Floyd after spending almost nine minutes with his neck trapped by the knee of Police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25 sparked protests and riots in major cities in the United States, in a movement that has grown and spread. spread around the world against racism.


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