The Pope attacks those who speak and criticize others from behind: “This is a virus uglier than Covid-19”

The Pope has lashed out at those who speak and criticize others from behind by stating that this attitude “is an uglier virus than Covid-19”, while inviting Christians to put into practice what he has defined as “pedagogy of recovery”.

“Let us make an effort not to tell rumors and speak from behind. This is an uglier virus than Covid-19,” the Holy Father pointed out during the Angelus this Sunday.

The pontiff has thus commented on the Gospel of this Sunday that invites us to reflect on the double dimension of Christian existence, the community and the one that speaks of respect for each individual conscience.

The Pope has proposed to Christians a “pedagogy of recovery”, which he corrects “with discretion” and not to “judge him, but to help him realize what he has done.” Francis has recognized that “it is not easy to put this teaching of Jesus into practice.”

However, he has urged “not to give up, but to resort to the support of someone else. In some cases, he has also invited the Church community to participate.” In some situations the entire community is involved. There are things that cannot leave the other brothers indifferent: a greater love is needed to recover the brother, “he said.

In this way he has invited to put into practice “the love of Jesus, who welcomed publicans and pagans, scandalizing the rigid people of the time.” Therefore, he has made it clear that “this is not a conviction without appeal” and that only by being alone before God can the person be placed “before his own conscience and responsibility for his actions.”

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