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Marc Gasol: “Our physical game has to grow”

The Spanish center of the Toronto Raptors, Marc Gasol, has assured that the team’s physical game “has to grow” after the defeat in the first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics (112-94), and has pointed out that they must improve “offensively and defensively” if they want to have a chance to stay alive in the fight to repeat the NBA title.

“This is what basketball is about, the next challenge. Obviously, we have to improve compared to the first game, it is a matter of executing and of confidence in doing the right things. We can change things here and there because we have been together for a while, but our physical game has to grow and in general everything: offensively and defensively, “he told the media from the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World Florida.

In this sense, he recalled that “nobody likes to lose”, and less in the ‘Playoffs’. “Inside here everything is magnified because we have nothing else and we only have each other, there are positive and beautiful things in that. You have to face the things that touch you, you cannot go with your family and friends and talk about another thing, you have to deal with the things that happen and fix them, improve and execute them in the next game. In a sense, it’s good for us, “he said.

“Everything has a positive and a negative side, as in life. Challenges arise and you have to face them in due time; it is not going to be an action that will change the game, and for this you have to do many There is no single answer by which we take a specific path and take the game, it is a matter of physics, speed and reading of the game, control of the ball and protect everyone in front of us, communicate … basketball game, “he continued.

The Catalan, who finished the first game with 7 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists, spoke of his understanding with Serge Ibaka on the court. “I do not analyze those minutes in particular looking at it from when Serge and I are on the court at the same time. When we are on the court we both have to maintain good communication between us, because we have a tendency to pivot and they play very open, like this that we have to communicate at a high level and at the same time communicate to the rest of the team where we are or what we are doing, “he said.

“Offensively I can adapt, Serge plays more at being a more traditional center, under the basket or as a follower. I can play as someone who is behind, reading what they are trying to do to help Serge or the specific action that we are trying to pick & roll, so I can adapt to whatever offensive problem we have without limitations, “he continued.

Lastly, Gasol was not concerned about his numbers. “I keep shooting; when you’re open, you have to shoot, with rhythm. The first shot came when it came, the second I missed and the third I thought was good. You have to keep shooting, take advantage when you’re open, keep focused on the next action , believe in your reading of the shot of three. And if you feel comfortable and with confidence you have to launch it. If it does not go in, you quickly change your mind and play the next one, “he warned, something that he will try to do this Tuesday (23.30 hours) in the second game.

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