Miley Cyrus remembers her Wrecking Ball at her 2020 VMAs performance

Among the stars who participated in the 2020 VMAs there was no shortage of Miley Cyrus. The singer gave a performance in New York in which, in addition to performing her latest single, she recalled the iconic Wrecking Ball video clip.

The star sang Midnight Sky, a song released on August 14, and recreated the Wrecking Ball clip, although this time he changed the wrecking ball for a disco one. This performance marks the first time the artist has sung Midnight Sky on television. Cyrus was nominated for three VMAs this year: Best Art Direction, Best Editing for Mother’s Daughter, and Song of the Summer for Midnight Sky. However, the interpreter left empty-handed. Throughout her career, the protagonist has only won this award on one occasion, when in 2014 she was recognized as the video clip of the year for the aforementioned Wrecking Ball.

Midnight Sky is Cyrus’ first song since 2019, the year he released She Is Coming. At the time, the singer announced that the song would be the first of three six-song EPs, which together would form a new album titled She Is Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately, the project was unable to go ahead as Cyrus was hospitalized for tonsillitis in October 2019 and subsequently underwent vocal surgery. Since its release, the Midnight Sky video clip has already surpassed 49 million views on YouTube.

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