Apple includes its classic iPod game ‘Music Quiz’ in iOS 14 through the Shortcuts app

Apple will include in its new version of its iPhone mobile operating system, iOS 14, its classic iPod game ‘Music Quiz’ through the Shortcuts application.

As in the iPod version, the iOS 14 version of this game plays a series of songs randomly and users will have to choose the song that is playing from five options.

‘Music Quiz’ works with the system’s music application, so users must buy songs in iTunes, synchronize them from the computer or from Apple Music to be able to play, as reported by the 9to5mac portal.

The game has five rounds and shows on the screen five different answers with the name of the song, the artist and the album art. Users will be able to continue playing more rounds and share their score on social media, something that could not be done with the iPod.

In order to play ‘Music Quiz’, users need to open the Shortcuts app, tap on the ‘My Shortcuts’ tab and search the search bar for ‘Music Quiz’. Then they must select the shortcut and allow it to access their Apple Music library.

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